Europengineers, the European network dedicated to innovative engineering

Europengineers is a European network founded in 1963 by a group of independent engineering and consultancy companies to foster knowledge exchange among its members.
Sharing know-how and getting to know each other’s best practices is a pivotal source of professional growth and inspiration. Europengineers’ members can therefore offer an added value to their clients.

As the Italian member of Europengineers, HYDEA contributes to research and develop cutting-edge solutions in the engineering sector, reporting to other companies the outcomes of its successful challenges.

To make sure that members get periodically updated and to guarantee updating and to encourage the establishing of solid relationships among professionals, Europengineers organises regular workshops, lectures and on-site visits, as well as training opportunities for young engineers.

One of the most ambitious projects set by Europengineers is represented by SEED Sustainable EuropEngineers Database – a platform that collects, deepens and disseminates knowledge related to circular economy applied to engineering.

HYDEA is particularly aware of how important it is to offer services that are more and more integrated and respect environmental sustainability criteria.
To quote Paolo Giustiniani, CEO of HYDEA:

The market for engineering services is evolving rapidly. Clients today require a comprehensive array of integrated services, which means the one-stop-shop approach is gaining momentum. That is why it makes sense for HYDEA to be part of an international network whose expertise encompasses a wide range of disciplines“.