One Thousand Apartments


Design and supervision of 1,000 residential units, including infrastructure and landscaping.

Established in 2002 by the Government of Djibouti, FDH (Fonds de l’Habitat) plays a crucial role in providing housing for the Urban Poor.
In 2015, in accordance with its mandate, FDH launched a huge construction programme to build 2,500 social housing units on a 25ha rocky plateau, located to the north of PK 12 district and to the west of Balbala, the fastest developing district in the capital city.
The project consists of a plot of 1,000 apartments, located in 125 four story buildings, hosting 600 units, consisting of 3 main rooms and another 400 units with 4 main rooms. Buildings are designed for low energy consumption and are positioned along the contour lines, to minimize earthworks.
In addition, the project involves the development of basic infrastructure, such as roads, water supply and wastewater networks, water treatment plant, electricity networks and street lighting, landscaping work, etc.

From – To
2016 – ongoing

FDH – Fonds de l’Habitat

Area – Floor Area
166,000 sqm