Palazzo Tornabuoni


Preliminary design, final design and supervision of structural and MEP works, on-site safety coordination.

Palazzo Tornabuoni-Corsi was designed by Michelozzo and built in the 15th century for Lorenzo de Medici’s mother Lucrezia. It is one of the most important Florentine historic buildings, and one-time home to Pope Leo XI. In 1925 it became the headquarters and pride of the Banca Commerciale in Florence.
Situated in the heart of the city and in the epicentre of the fashion district, the Palace was recently purchased by the Fingen Group, involved in fashion and real estate development in Italy and abroad.
HYDEA was commissioned to design the internal restructure of the Palace, creating commercial spaces in the basement and on the first floor, a new branch of the Banca Intesa on the second floor and luxury apartments on the upper floors.
More specifically, the services carried out by Hydea include the preparation of detailed designs for the civil, structural and MEP work; the preparation of the tender and the contract documents for the construction; work supervision, including on-site safety coordination.

From – To
2004 – 2009

Tornabuoni S.r.l. (Fingen Group), Florence

Floor Area
20,000 sqm

Cultural Heritage & Culture